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Okes-Hanson Family
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Thomas Tabb
b-1719 in Charles Parish, York County, VA
Lockey Langhorne ( Tabb )
James Douglass
b-1750 in Cumberland County, Virginia
Martha Tabb ( Douglass )
b-1753 in Cumberland County, Virginia
Edward Douglass
born 11/28/1776 in Virginia
died 03/23/1849

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It is interesting to note the names of the 11 children of Edward and Mary Ann Jude. Edward's mother was Martha Tabb, a descendant of the First Families of Virginia. Their daughter Lockey represented Martha Tabb's socially elite mother, Lockey Langhorne, and Martha's grandmother, Judith Lockey. Their son James Cary represented Henry Cary, master builder of Williamsburg as well as Edward's father, James. Their son, John Jude, was named for Mary Ann's grandfather, and her daughter Lucy James was named for her sister Lucy and Edward's father. Mary Ann's daughter Sarah was named for her sister Sarah, and Elizabeth for her sister Betsey and her Grandmother Elizabeth Mills Watson. Martha T. was named for Edward's mother, Martha Tabb. Edward bore his father's name. George was named for his Grandfather Jude and for Mary Ann's brother. Anna W. was named for her Grandmother Jude, Anna Watson. Mary H. is probably named for Mary Ann's Grandmother on the Jude side, whose name was Mary ____. These were people who valued their family connections.

Spouse ~ Mary Ann Jude
born 1774 in Virginia
married 1795
Lucy James Douglass ( Strong ), b-1811
      - Lucy James Strong (Criner) b-1839

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