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Okes-Hanson Family
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 John Strong, Jr.
b-1698 in St., Peter's, New Kent, VA
Mary Martin (Strong)

Nathaniel Strong
b-1744 in Hanover County, Virginia
Catherine "Caty" Callahan ( Strong )
b-1754 in Virginia
George Strong
born 01/15/1773 in Goochland, Virginia
died 08/18/1834

- - - 
George Strong and family came to Alabama in 1816. He built his home five miles north of Huntsville, Alabama, on the Fayetteville Pike. His son, Charles Waite Strong, wrote to his sons about their grandfather: "He was born in the year 1773 abouit the time of the Revolutionary War and was born of poor parentage and in a time of great confusion in the United States. In consequence of that, opportunity never favored him with an education; therefore he never was in public affairs. But, my sons, he was one of the greatest men that lived in his day. He married in his 24th year and was an honest, sober, and industrious home-staying man, always studying to do his business, a good husband and a good master, a good neighbor, and my father was the most honest and virtuous man I ever saw in my life. He had nothing to do with fighting and quarreling and gambling. He paid his debts when due. He went no man's security. Yet he was a man who held his rights as sacred. He was in the late Indian and British War and acted his part as well as any man. My sons, your Grandfather Strong was a man of stability. He was the same today and tomorrow and always. He was not proud, yet he was genteel...Your Grandfather left to his estate perfect satisfaction, and I am the youngest child. He has given all equal justice and (to each) $7500 worth of land plus one negro, one horse, one cow, (and besides), he left an estate worth $22,000. He lived about 48 years of his life in perfect health and departed this life about 9 o'clock in the night on August 18 after an attack of putrid bilious fever. So ends his history. I have no doubt but he is happy in the eternal world where you and I must be, and my children, we must be prepared for it or be forever lost."
Historians believe that George Strong died of a ruptured appendix and peritonitis. Perhaps he was so careful to be fair to all of his children in his will because his father "Nathan" Strong had cut him out of his will.

Spouse ~ Mary "Polly" East
born 1774 in Goochland Co, VA
married 1797
Robert Strong, b-1802
      - Lucy James Strong (Criner) b-1839

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