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Rebecca McClure, (Criner)
born 00/00/1761 in York Co, PA
died 06/08/1826

- - - 
Isaac Criner, at age 22, brought his mother Rebecca from Tennessee in 1805 on his second trip to Madison County, Alabama, where he was the first white settler. According to the birth date of his brother Granville (18 July 1804), Rebecca brought Granville on the trip as her one year old child. At 29, Isaac married Nancy McCain (1812) and they soon started their large family. His mother Rebecca lived with them until 1826 when she was buried in the Criner family burial ground. Isaac's second son, Isaac McClure bears his grandmother's name.

Spouse ~ John Anderson Criner
born 1740 in German Colony, Pennsylvania
married 1777
Isaac Criner, b-1783
      - William Calvin Criner b-1823
      - Isaac McClure Criner b-1827

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