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Nimrod House

Catherine "Kitty" House, (Irvine)
born 08/08/1806 in
died 07/09/1888

- - - 
Kitty said that her grandmother's name was Sarah Catherine Pritchett, from England. She told this to her granddaughter, Stella Hanson.
Her father's contested will gave almost everything, including slaves, land, and property to his two youngest sons, Fielding and Fleming. To Kitty, who was not yet married, he gave 1 featherbed, furniture, and a two year old heifer called "Kitty's heifer." The other children each received $1.25.

Spouse ~ William Irvine
born 1804 in Duck River, Tennessee
married 1827
Elizabeth Irvine ( Hanson ), b-1845
      - Elnora (Ella) Hanson (Smith) b-1860
      - Laura Belle Hanson (Winn) b-1864
      - Minnie M. Hanson (Winn) b-1873
      - John Forest Hanson b-1875
      - James Cash Hanson b-1877
      - Pearl Cora Hanson b-1878
      - Frank Benjamin Hanson b-1880
      - Effie Josephine Hanson (Potter) b-1883
      - Stella Rosa Hanson b-1883
      - Carl Irvin Hanson b-1886

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