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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Robert (Robin) Irvine
b-1742 in Virginia
Mary South (Irvine)
b-1754 in Irvine, Estill Co. KY

Robert Boyd Irvine, Jr.
b-1781 in Irvine, Estill County, Kentucky
Rachel Hill ( Irvine )
b-1784 in Tennessee
William Irvine
born 01/05/1804 in Duck River, Tennessee
died 04/05/1883

- - - 
William came with his father, Robert Boyd Irvine, to Pike County, Missouri in 1818, as one of the earliest settlers. He was only 14. He lost his mother, Rachel, on the journey when she succumbed to cholera. She is buried near old Fort Zumwalt at St. Charles, MO. When Robert remarried in Pike County, the stepmother excluded William, and he was left alone to make his own fortune. He married Kitty House, became a successful landowner, and began his Irvine lineage in Missouri.

Spouse ~ Catherine "Kitty" House
born 1806
married 1827
Elizabeth Irvine ( Hanson ), b-1845
      - Elnora (Ella) Hanson (Smith) b-1860
      - Laura Belle Hanson (Winn) b-1864
      - Minnie M. Hanson (Winn) b-1873
      - John Forest Hanson b-1875
      - James Cash Hanson b-1877
      - Pearl Cora Hanson b-1878
      - Frank Benjamin Hanson b-1880
      - Effie Josephine Hanson (Potter) b-1883
      - Stella Rosa Hanson b-1883
      - Carl Irvin Hanson b-1886

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