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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Nathaniel Strong
b-1744 in Hanover County, Virginia
Catherine "Caty" Callahan (Strong)
b-1754 in Virginia
Benjamin East
b-1750 in Goochland Co, VA
Nancy Anne Pruitt ( East )
b-1760 in Goochland Co, VA
George Strong
b-1773 in Goochland, Virginia
Mary "Polly" East ( Strong )
b-1774 in Goochland Co, VA
Robert Strong
born 12/20/1802 in Goochland County, Virginia
died 05/22/1856

- - - 
Robert and Lucy James had 13 children, mostly girls: Martha Tabb who died at 25 and left three sons; Mary Ann; Emily P.; Sarah J.; Hamilton (who died at birth); Georgia; Lucy James, our ancestor, who died at 22 and left one daughter; Elizabeth H. (Lizzie); Nancy B.; Susan (who died in childhood); Robert Donnell; Edward; and Margaret. Robert Strong (only 54) and his daughters, Susan and Margaret probably died of malaria, for it was reported that "The malaria fever killed many of our people from 1849-1856." In his will, Robert decreed that his two sons, Robert and Edward, be sent to a college of religious influence from age 16 to 21. Robert Donnell may not have lived to full manhood, but Edward did, dying in 1919 at age 70. The Robert Strong home was still standing near the family cemetery in 1956, occupied by the Routts, descendants of one of his daughters.

Spouse ~ Lucy James Douglass
born 1811 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
married 1828
Lucy James Strong ( Criner ), b-1839
      - Martha Sue Criner (Okes) b-1859

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