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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Johannes Creiner
b-1712 in The Palatinate (Germany)

John Anderson Criner
b-1740 in German Colony, Pennsylvania
Rebecca McClure ( Criner )
b-1761 in York Co, PA
Isaac Criner
born 04/22/1783 in Hawkins County, Tennessee
died 12/15/1876

- - - 
Criner Day is held in Huntsville, Alabama, to honor Isaac Criner as the first white settler of Madison County. A large painting hangs in Huntsville depicting Isaac Criner and his brother at the Big Spring while Indians observe them. We have a framed print of this painting. My grandmother, Sue Criner, was born and raised on her Grandfather Isaac Criner's plantation. I have a brick preserved from the great fireplace of the home when we visited the site in 1989 and the private family burial ground.

Spouse ~ Nancy McCain
born 1791 in Tennessee
married 1815
William Calvin Criner, b-1823
Isaac McClure Criner, b-1827
      - Martha Sue Criner (Okes) b-1859

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