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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Harmon Cook (Koch), Sr.
b-1729 in Pennsylvania
Mary Agness Turk (Cook)
b-1732 in Lancaster, PA
Thomas F. Ramsey, Sr.
b-1734 in Brunswick, VA
Frances Young ( Ramsey )
b-1740 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
Harmon Cook, Jr.
b-1765 in Lancaster, PA
Susannah Ramsey ( Cook )
b-1764 in Sydnorville, Virginia
Mary Cook, (Okes)
born 02/28/1802 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
died 11/11/1881

- - - 
Jesse and Mary Cook Okes (Oakes) married June 11, 1818, at her father's home in Pittsylvania CO, VA, with a Methodist minister officiating. Jesse was 30; Mary was 16. They would have 57 years together. After 11 years in Virginia, they moved to Madison Co, AL where they remained for the rest of their lives.

Jesse and Mary had nine children: Harmon Oakes, b. 2-29-1819, lived one day; Susan C. Oakes, b. 6-9-1820; John C. Oakes, b. 12-27-1821, lived one day; Eliza E. Oakes, b. 11-7-1822; David Oakes, b. 6-13-1824, lived two days; Ann Oakes, b. 4-10-1825 to 5-8-1834, lived 9 years, 1 month; Hiram Oakes, b. 2-4-1827, Phoebe Oakes, b. 8-20-1830, lived 23 days; Elvira Oakes, b. 3-16-1838, lived three days. Susan, Eliza, and Hiram were their only children to survive into adulthood. These birth records came from an old family Bible inherited by Mrs. George Horner of Memphis, TN, who shared the information April 22, 1941, with Pauline Gandrud, genealogist.

Susan C. married James M. Johnson, and Eliza E. married Mr. Connolly no later than 1839. Hiram wed Sarah Elizabeth Shackelford Feb. 1, 1854, after fighting in the Mexican-American War. He lost his life in 1865, fighting for the South in the Civil War. His son, George, was born after his death and was left orphaned when his mother died at age 35. Jesse and Mary parented George at Fort Deposit, AL. (Jesse died when George was ten.)

Mary was a widow about seven years and outlived all of her nine children. Her will written in 1881 left her estate to her grandchildren, George, 16, who was residing near Elkton, Giles Co, TN; and his older sisters, Mattie (Martha) Thompson at Kelso, Lincoln Co, TN (near New Market, AL); and Mary Wheeless, near Austin, TX.

Spouse ~ Jesse Okes
born 1788 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
married 1818
Hiram Okes, b-1827
      - Rev. George Madison C. Okes b-1865

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