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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Isaac Criner
b-1783 in Hawkins County, Tennessee
Nancy McCain (Criner)
b-1791 in Tennessee
Robert Strong
b-1802 in Goochland County, Virginia
Lucy James Douglass ( Strong )
b-1811 in Pittsylvania Co, VA
Isaac McClure Criner
b-1827 in Madison County, Alabama
Lucy James Strong ( Criner )
b-1839 in Madison County, Alabama
Martha Sue Criner, (Okes)
born 12/09/1859 in Meridianville, Alabama
died 09/11/1943

- - - 
Born before the Civil War and growing up on the Madison County, Alabama, plantation, "Shady Hill," Sue remembered the Yankee Army coming to their place to burn, destroy, and leave the people starving. Her father, a soldier, was killed trying to get back home to see his little girl. She told her granddaughter, Gloria Sue, the memorable stories of that time.

Spouse ~ Rev. George Madison C. Okes
born 1865 in Lincoln Co, TN
married 1886
Gertrude Okes, b-1887
Almyra Roberta Okes ( Holman ), b-1888
Georgia Maurine Okes ( Perkinson ), b-1898
Guy McCune Chalmer Okes, b-1901
      - Gloria Sue Okes (Perkins) b-1932

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