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Okes-Hanson Family
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 Hiram Okes
b-1827 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
Sarah Elizabeth Shackelford (Okes)
b-1837 in Alabama
Isaac McClure Criner
b-1827 in Madison County, Alabama
Lucy James Strong ( Criner )
b-1839 in Madison County, Alabama
Rev. George Madison C. Okes
b-1865 in Lincoln Co, TN
Martha Sue Criner ( Okes )
b-1859 in Meridianville, Alabama
Guy McCune Chalmer Okes
born 08/29/1901 in Vandalia, Missouri
died 11/03/1988

- - - 
He taught high school as a young man, was a Frankford businessman during the Depression, an accountant for the Public Service Commission of the State of Missouri during WWII, a representative with Dunn and Bradstreet, and then he completed his career with 20 years in the offices of Carter Carburetor Company in St. Louis, MO. He had long, productive retirement years in the St. Louis suburbs and Springdale, Arkansas. He was a strong Christian, a serious student of the Bible, and a steadfast support to all of his family. He was a witty, intelligent man with a knack for inventing new words and amusing with magic tricks or funny stories. He and his wife had the gift of hospitality, and family, neighbors, and friends loved to be with them.

Spouse ~ Vera Irene Hanson
born 1907 in Lee Maiden's, Pike Co MO
married 1925
Gloria Sue Okes ( Perkins ), b-1932
      - Keith Stuart Perkins b-1957
      - Michael Okes Perkins b-1958

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